A Royally Appointed Fitout

A Royally Appointed Fitout

2015 saw the relaunch of the famous Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club.
As a part of the sailing and ocean-going community of Williamstown, Melbourne – the RVYMC has a rich history, and boasts the enviable title as the FIRST founded Motor Yacht Club in the WORLD!
The club was founded in 1904, and in 1937, was given the honour of the King’s blessing, allowing the club to use the prefix ‘Royal’.
Fast-forward approx. 80 years, and major refurbishment plans were well and truly under way.
Under the stewardship of Commodore Chris Ackerman, the club completed a multi-million dollar redevelopment – transforming it into one of Port Philip Bay’s most picturesque and modern facilities.

Emrack Commercial was extremely proud to have been awarded the complete Furnishing contract for the new site. Below are a small collection of photos showcasing the fantastic new facility delivered for members, including the Members’ Areas, and available function spaces – all fitted exclusively with Emrack Commercial product.

The club’s redevelopment was designed by Simon Greenwood of Greenwood architects, and saw the original single-storey footprint expanded from 800sqm, to 1400sqm.
The team at Greenwood Architects, led by Simon, worked closely with the team at Emrack Commercial to ensure the specification of particular furniture items met an exacting standard.
Careful planning and scheduling was critical throughout the manufacturing and project delivery phases – with all items being packed in individual export cartons and labeled according to room number and associated tracking detail.

All of the Emrack Commercial office staff had input on this project with Senior Engineer Huafeng Li driving the product element, QA and compliance locally – in conjunction with the drafting.
“With a large team of QA ,  the job of actually manufacturing the products is quite simple. Myself and the technical team overseas spend most of our time and resources working with the client and production managers to ensure correct specification, and the most efficient staging, delivery and process management.”, states Huafeng Li.
As Emrack Commercial supplies some of the world’s largest companies globally and has done so for many years, most of the items required by any client have typically been produced for previous projects although rarely ever being identical items. When working on projects such as these, the most important aspect is ensuring that any of the common issues and challenges are pre-empted and communicated to the client, so that they can make the most appropriate decisions ahead of time.

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